Industrial & Process Applications

The Industrial and Processing industry is challenged by future energy costs, the demand for corporate social responsibility, and reduced carbon footprint (ESG).

By using low-energy air and exhaust solutions, or by turning hot exhaust into water – you create a foundation for reusing energy that otherwise would be wasted, allowing you to save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and help the environment. 

At ENERVEX, we offer energy-efficient solutions that deliver significant CO2 savings across a wide range of applications.

  • Baking & Process Ovens
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Oxidizers
  • Fuel Cells
  • Furnaces
  • Incinerators
  • Boilers & Heaters
  • Generators & Engines
  • Metal Processing
  • Heat Treatment Systems

Energy Saving Heat for –

ENERVEX’s low-energy solutions allow companies to reduce their energy bills,
improve sustainability, and meet their energy-saving targets. Backed by decades of experience, our energy saving for heat include:

  • Electrical Power via ORC
  • Process Water Heating
  • Makeup Water Heating for Steam
  • CIP System Fluid Heating
  • Heat Pumps
  • Absorption Chillers

A Game-Changing Investment!

Organizations seeking to reduce energy costs while improving sustainability often turn to us.

Through ENERVEX solutions, you can significantly reduce energy costs and improve the efficiency of your solutions. 

Not just today, but for all the days to come.

Energy Savings (Annual)
CO2 reduction tons/yr 2,044
Energy Savings $873,809
VHX8400-88, TDF620, and controls $286,547
Total installed cost $729,400
ROI 120%
Brewery in CA with multiple steam boilers.

Engineer, Manufacturer, Installer And Commissioner – ONE-STOP-SOLUTION!

Over the years we’ve revolutionized how the industrial and process industry implements exhaust and heat-recovery systems. When you partner with ENERVEX, you not only partner with a manufacturer but also with an engineer, project manager, installer, commissioner, and a service/maintenance company – a ONE-STOP SOLUTION with a single point of responsibility.

Feasibility Studies

Our experts break down what’s possible while providing estimated calculations for cost, energy, and CO2 savings, with little initial input from you.

Engineering Design with 3D Drawings

We analyze and plan the system while tailoring it to your individual needs and requirements.

Product Specifications

We generate the performance specifications and describe the overall goals and objectives of the complete system. Specs are proprietary in nature.

System Manufacturer

We design and make all the products for the project. This avoids project delays and accountability in a way that’s truly unique in the industry.

Service & Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program keeps the system operating, extends the longevity of the equipment, reduces downtime and identifies opportunities for greater efficiency.

Installation & Commissioning

Our systems are of a modular design to reduce lead-time and installation time. We perform and document final calibration and fine-tuning.

Energy Savings & ROI

We create accurate calculations for costs, energy and CO2 savings. We assist in searching for local grants or incentive programs to minimize the ROI.

Customizable Solutions

No two businesses are the same.
That’s why at ENERVEX, we provide customizable solutions that can be individually tailored to meet your specific needs and wants.


Implement “Energy-as-a-Service” projects without performance risk nor impacting the balance sheet.

Case Studies



The project was an expansion of the bakery’s snack production that included installation
of two tunnel ovens at different facilities. The company has a long history of innovation
and a deeply held belief in doing business the right way. sustainability

The project went from planning to completion in about 24 months. Due to this being

expansions and not new construction there was no need for site preparation or to allow for future expansion.

Project Highlights

ENERVEX worked closely with the bakery and the oven manufacturer to provide a totally integrated combined demand-controlled exhaust solution with heat recovery and sealed combustion air supply. The heat recovery system used waste heat from the baking process to generate hot water for a pan washing system. This generated annual savings close to $30,000 and had an ROI of less than 3 years.


CONFIDENTIAL / Coffee Roastery

The roasting plant features three coffee roasters, packaging for ground, whole bean and coffee extract, and shipping and receiving.

Project Highlights

ENERVEX completed all levels of design and engineering the coffee roaster for this project.The facility is one of the largest coffee roasting plants in the world and also serves as a distribution center.


Emirates Catering / Linencraft
Laundry Facility

Linencraft, a dry-cleaning operation that is part of Emirates Flight Catering, processes close to 660,000 pieces per day servicing various industry segments including airline, institutional work wear, hospitality and healthcare.

Project Highlights

Since 2015 ENERVEX has supplied exhaust solutions to three of the four Linencraft facilities. The exhaust systems are all serving Cochran steam boilers. In all cases the boiler rooms were extremely tight, and the challenge was to optimize the size of the boiler exhaust system. ENERVEX designed, supplied and assisted in the installation of the three systems.


DRC PepsiCo Bottling Plant
Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

PepsiCo's distributor, Dubai Refreshment (DRC), bottling plant in Dubai Investment Park features multiple production lines and manufactures approximately 50 million cases with a potential to increase to 70 million. The plant is the biggest of its type for PepsiCo in the Middle East...

Project Highlights

The project featured three Cochran steam boilers to supply process steam. Running three chimneys straight through the roof was not an option due to sanitary reasons.

It was decided to design and install a mast to support a tri-stack exhaust system. Three 16" Powerstack EPS exhaust systems, each serving a Cochran steam boiler with integrated economizers, were installed to serve the three boilers individually.


Champion Cleaners
Jebel Ali

Champion Cleaners offers dry cleaning and laundry services in the United Arab Emirates. The company has an expansive retail network of strategically located outlets in community malls and convenience stops across the UAE.

All the cleaning operations are executed in brand new central plant located in Jebel Ali. Dirty and clean garments are transferred between the central plant and the 42 retail outlets.

Project Highlights

The project centered around two Cochran steam boilers in an extremely tight boiler room with limited access to the outside where the chimney could be erected.

ENERVEX designed and engineered an unconventional inside chimney layout assisted by modulating mechanically venting so a vertical  chimney could run alongside the building with termination right above a parapet.

ENERVEX: 30+ years in Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

With over 30 years of experience, our track record for creating sustainable and energy-efficient solutions ensures us as a trusted partner for all organizations. 

Accountability – Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond
It is time. Take steps to maximize your energy efficiency and reap the benefits of decarbonization today through our experience with:

  • Mechanical Draft Systems
  • Chimney, Exhaust & Grease Ducts
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Combustion Air Supply Systems
  • Dryer & Building Exhaust Systems
  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems


draft systems


If you want to learn more about Energy and
C02-saving solutions and how
ONE-STOP-SOLUTION works, please contact us.

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Director of Sales
Email: kjolivette(at)
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Sr. Project Manager
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Project Coordinator / Estimator
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